“Our family has been with Elevation Dance Academy since it first opened 10 years ago. Our daughter Isabelle was one of Elevation’s first students and we never looked back! 3 years after Isabelle started we put our other daughter Lola into dance there as well. I cannot say enough good things about Sarah and her studio. She has become like family to us. Our girls adore her and she has a way of making every single child that dances at her studio feel amazing and important! She teaches them that steps and technique are important, but the true passion is the love for dance and that you are enjoying it! I have had the pleasure of watching her students grow each year and become confident and talented dancers. She wow’s me with her entertaining recitals that seem to get better and better each year! Sarah has a patience and strength about her that amazes me every time I walk into that studio. She is positive and upbeat day in and day out with her students. A true professional and role model to my girls and many others.”


“Sarah is nothing short of AMAZING! My daughter looks up to her in more ways than I can list. Her eyes light up every time she sees her. She gives these kiddos a place to feel comfortable expressing themselves, as well as teaching respect and discipline. Not only does she cheer them on inside the class walls, she is phenomenal at showing her support outside of dance.”


“Elevation Dance Academy is a fantastic dance studio! All the teachers provide a healthy and fun learning environment for kids of all ages and abilities to learn dance. I’m very happy I chose EDA for my kids and would recommend it to anyone.”


“Both Nora and Marshall have had such wonderful experiences during their dance classes and camps at Elevation. Miss Sarah and her staff are so well organized, experienced and teach great technique from the very beginning. I know dance will allow my kids to gain confidence as they grow, and we look forward to participating in other classes, competitions, and avenues to showcase their dance skills to a wider audience.”


“Where do I begin?! I started dancing at Elevation in 2008 when it first opened in Spring Green. This studio and everyone in it instantly became my home and my family. Miss Sarah is the most amazing person, and anyone that has ever met her will agree with me! She is a second mom to every student she has and she truly loves and cares about each and every one of her dancers. In the 9 years I had the privilege of dancing at Elevation, I never had a bad experience, and I don’t know anyone that has! Elevation is an extremely welcoming dance studio that really helps every single person find who they are as a dancer without judgement. It doesn’t matter what level of skill you have, Miss Sarah or any other teacher you will encounter at Elevation will always be there to help, answer questions, or go over that count of eight one more time! I would strongly recommend dancing at Elevation because dance was the highlight of my childhood. As I graduated high school this year and had to end a lot of different activities, dance was by far the hardest to let go of. Join dance, you won’t regret it!” #SARAHMADE


My daughter Emma has been with EDA since she was 3. When you ask her who she looks up to, her answer is always Sarah. Sarah is compassionate, caring and most of all makes dance fun. I love that Emma has an amazing role model in life to look up to. At Elevation we truly are a dance family, everyone looks out for your kids and will jump in and help you if they can. The entire staff has been nothing less than great to all the dancers. Sarah doesn’t only teach dance, she teaches students to be kind, do their best, and love what you do.